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Founded in 2001, the factory located in a "Chinese textile base," said the Changle City, near Changle International Airport, near the provincial capital of Fuzhou, transportation is very convenient. The company has in Shenzhen in South China City Department of direct mesh, factory direct sales model, prices are more competitive. The company introduced the German Kamal, LIBA high-speed warp knitting equipment, set many years of experience in the production of warp knit, specializing in the production of various specifications, models of mesh, mesh cloth, mesh product line up to hundreds of species.

The company's mesh products are polyester, nylon, spandex, Ditan other categories, can be widely used in clothing and footwear, sporting goods, daily necessities, toys and other fields. Color All mesh products, weight, width, hardness and so on as per customer requirements. Mesh nontoxic product quality in line with national standards, it has long been the best-selling domestic and foreign markets, mainly exported to Europe, America, Australia, Japan, Southeast Asia and countries in the region.

The main mesh products:

First, the mesh fine mesh series: 20D plain cloth, transparent network, the US network, diamond network, angular net, stereotypes yarn, flashlight cloth, spray painted cloth, 6474 net, the Swiss net. Second, the mesh coarse mesh Series: hexagonal, hats network, laundry net, tunnel cloth, three empty one can be especially profitable. Third, high-elastic mesh network series: 40D high elastic mesh, 70D high elastic mesh, spandex mesh, diamond mesh, elastic network.


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