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Application Route colored polyester monofilament

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Application Route colored polyester monofilament

Release date:2015-12-22 00:00 source: Views:

Polyester mesh fabric with economic development, Taicang City Chemical Fiber Factory huangjing Tianpeng also constantly reinforce their strength, Huilong Chemical Fibre has 17 years of manufacturing experience, as the "old" chemical fiber manufacturers, for their own production of colored polyester monofilament very confident!

We know that colored polyester monofilament very versatile, is an essential raw material for the textile industry. Not only can produce socks, neckties, scarves, but also can be used to manufacture products such as fishing gear, can be said to use colored polyester monofilament range is relatively broad. For these we can use everyday consumer product manufacturing and processing, and as a provider of raw materials Huilong fiber also has its own experiences, it is to ensure the quality of qualified products, in good faith to conquer the entire market!

At the same time, use colored polyester filament is continually expanding, the future we will see more colored polyester monofilament as raw materials for daily use products and inventions born. Environmental protection, high-quality, Wumart, inexpensive, is Huilong Fiber commitment to our customers, is also the pursuit of their own faith!

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