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Colored polyester filament environmental requirements

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Colored polyester filament environmental requirements

Release date:2015-12-22 00:00 source: Views:

As we all know, now no matter what industry, what products need to meet national environmental standards. Environmental protection requirements relating to colored polyester yarn is to become one of the issues the focus of many consumers and customers considerations.

Polyester mesh fabric has been committed colored polyester filament production and sales, with a solid foundation of business, by far our reputation manufacturing enterprises. Huilong Fiber has been the concept of environmental protection as a top priority, with environmental management system certification, its products are environmentally friendly and therefore get national recognition. After the market has also been the vast number of consumers and customers have been received!

Texture not only be consumers, but also to be recognized by the industry. Because colored polyester yarn spinning color directly, but not generally used in the production of ordinary dyeing enterprise, which ensures color forever sex. Meanwhile Huilong colored polyester yarn qualities also make it green pollution to enhance the market competitiveness! The product does not contain formaldehyde, methanol-free, non-azo, uniform color, texture rich, rare on the market of high-quality products!

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