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Colored polyester yarn prices which factors influenced by

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Colored polyester yarn prices which factors influenced by

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Polyester mesh cloth in which modern life, "price" is the project dealing with everyone every day, no matter what to buy and sell everything needed to involve the price, such as "colored polyester yarn prices" was included in the recent online a keyword search, because lately it is this polyester yarn restocking season, leading to price fluctuations in raw material prices, which were above the price war is very intense.

For buyers, certainly I hope that they can use the lowest price to buy goods, but because the market faces mixed polyester filament, and not lower the price more affordable, but also pay attention to thread itself contrary quality, needs looking for the highest price, while the price of this product is made exactly to determine which aspects of it?

Market demand

Market demand determines the provisional price of the product, it is very obvious, but also we are very familiar, except as commodity prices using different raw materials prices, colored polyester yarn prices, too, a good raw material prices have risen, and in the difference between the prices of raw materials are cheap.

Masterbatch Price

We like this polyester yarn reason is because it is colored characteristic, thread above very pure and bright colors, easy bleaching, color, color is very stable, and the price at which the cost of the entire thread, the price is very masterbatch important reason, so the price is a big factor in masterbatch cost impact.

transportation cost

While not a heavy weight silk products, but because of its large amount, so the cost of transportation is still very high above, and if you want to buy affordable as possible colored polyester yarn prices, then it is better also for shipping when purchasing a certain consideration.

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