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3D mesh fabric used in the sport

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3D mesh fabric used in the sport

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3D mesh fabric used in the sport

3D mesh fabric is polyester, cotton, polyester and nylon, etc. as the material, made of a new type of knitted mesh, it is widely used in major mattress lining, bags, shoes, car seat covers, office furniture, medical protection and other fields.

3D mesh fabric has the following two characteristics: (1) high elasticity, moisture, breathable, antibacterial mold. (2) wear-resistant, washable, meet international environmental requirements.

According to the characteristics of 3D mesh fabric, set the form of outdoor, sports clothing and sportswear such as jacket lining, mountaineering bags, part of the shoe uppers, lining and so will the use of mesh lined. Can be used as human sweat and clothing between the spacer layer to prevent moisture in the skin surface very tired, to keep the air circulating smoothly, avoiding wear breathable waterproof membrane, so that the garment more comfortable to wear. There are some high-end clothing used mesh also use wet with perspiration absorption textile made fibers.

In addition, because of the design concept and making different processes, some use a mesh jacket fit directly inside the three-permeable membrane composite fabric. According to the needs and the use of features, some of the equipment is also used elastic yarn (adding a certain percentage of Lycra fibers) and other strong fiber woven stretch out with a certain elasticity of mesh, for example used to make the outer package mountaineering water bottles, debris mesh bag, the inside backpacks, straps and other parts are used in elastic mesh fabric.

The use of 3D mesh fabric technology make this form of sports apparel, let us be more healthy in the dress.

Division I as a professional production of knitted mesh fabric manufacturers, long-term "customer first, honesty first" principle, and many enterprises established long-term cooperative relationship. Warmly welcome friends come to visit!

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