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Mesh cloth sandwich mesh with what is the difference

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Mesh cloth sandwich mesh with what is the difference

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3d mesh cloth sandwich mesh with what is the difference

Mesh cloth and sandwich mesh, appearance is very close, generally not professional personnel are distributed clear which is which, and that mesh cloth sandwich mesh in the end and what difference does it make?

We first introduced mesh cloth. There are holes in the fabric that is mesh-shaped mesh cloth. With different devices can weave different mesh cloth, mainly organic woven mesh cloth and knitted mesh fabric two kinds. Wherein the woven mesh fabric woven or dyed white, also has a large jacquard, you can weave different patterns simplified. Good air permeability, after dyeing processing, cloth body very cool, except for summer clothing, especially suitable for curtains, mosquito nets and other supplies.

Mesh cotton or synthetic blended fabric available (wire) woven, full-mesh fabric yarn is generally used 14.6 ~ 13 (40 ~ 45 British branch) yarn, cloth mesh across the board with the No. 13 ~ 9.7 double strand (45 English teams / 2 to 60 English teams / 2), there are also interwoven yarn and thread, make flower-shaped cloth is more prominent, and enhance the appearance of the effect. Woven mesh cloth weaving methods are generally two types: one is to use two sets of warp yarns (warp to warp and twist), the formation of the shed after twisting each other, and weft yarns (see leno). Twist after twist is the use of a special mechanized (also known as semi-mechanized) sometimes twisted to the ground by the left, after one (or three, or five) weft, twisted to the ground by the right side, because mutual twist twist and weft yarns forming the mesh-shaped holes, structural stability, called Leno; the other is the change in the use of jacquard, organization or denting method, warp to the three as a group, to penetrate a dent, but also weave There are holes in the fabric cloth, but the mesh structure is unstable, easy to move, so also known as false leno.

Knitted mesh fabric can be divided into two types, weft knitted mesh fabric and warp knitted mesh cloth, warp mesh cloth which is generally used West German high-speed warp knitting machine weaving, the raw material is usually nylon, polyester, spandex, knitted mesh fabric Finished with a high elastic mesh cloth, mosquito netting, laundry net, luggage net, net hard, sandwich mesh, can be especially Lane, embroidered mesh, marriage gauze, Grid, transparent network, the US network, diamond mesh, jacquard network , lace and other mesh cloth.

The sandwich mesh barrier suggests that it is there, usually double needle bed warp knitting machine production and processing of fabrics, the easiest way is to distinguish a single-layer of a multi-layered.

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