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Why mesh cloth so that consumers do?

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Why mesh cloth so that consumers do?

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Why 3d mesh cloth so that consumers do?

First, the characteristics

1. The temperature, ventilation, flooding

2. memory, flexibility, cushioning protection effect

3. light texture, easy to wash, quick-drying

The strong supporting force

5. Anti-bacterial, health

6. adsorption pressure

7. ergonomic, effective protection of bones

8. The non-toxic, hypoallergenic

9. comfortable, wear-resistant, fire-retardant

10. Reuse

Second, the mesh fabric applications:

Shoes, luggage fabrics, bedding (mat, mattresses, pillows), sports protective material, outdoor sports material, office furniture materials, car decoration materials (helmet caps, most breathable pillow, motorcycle seat cover, car seat cover , steering wheel cover), in some areas it can replace foam sponge.

Motorcycle Car Seat:

Memory 3D three-dimensional mesh its unique surface mesh-sided design and in the middle with "X-90 °" structure, showing hexahedral breathable hollow three-dimensional structure (the middle three-dimensional elastic supporting structure), because of their superior ventilation through Wet and resilience, it is widely used in motorcycles car decoration, such as cushion, steering wheel cover, etc.

Mesh cloth advantages:

1. protect the skin from both the liquid and particulate pollution, but also make the skin permeability

2. Surface stretch, resilience, and provide a buffer protection, washable and quick drying

3. The firm is good, not hierarchical, good heat comfort

4. chemical finishing agents and fuels with less polluting, ignition point bottom

5. Good mechanical properties and chemical stability

6. nontoxic, moisture mold, can be recycled

Medical mattress:

3D spacer fabrics appear to provide for the medical mattress ideal choice, eg for orthopedics, textiles bedsores, operating rooms, home health care, medical and physical therapy and other ancillary products. In some ways, far more than the single-layer woven fabric, manufactured cloth, sponge, foam and composite fabrics.


1. lightweight, Rouran of skin-friendly, breathing subjects, moisture, wicking, good elasticity

2. Slow pressure support care head "X-90" hollow three-dimensional, effective support care human spine curvature 1CM Depression, there pressure through the one million "X" to the bottom of the mattress decentralized structure, can minimize the pain

3. The double-sided mesh, ventilation, good washing, drying, bacteria, mites 4. difficult to breed superior adsorption pressure, to make the role of the patient can cause pressure on the part of those dangerous reduced by more than 25%

5. This fabric can also be used as long-term bedridden patients mattress, used to prevent and treat bedsores

Household Mattresses

Traditional mattresses, cotton is easy to absorb moisture, mildew, odor. The 3D memory dimensional mesh using "X-90" structure, double-sided mesh, showing hexahedral breathable hollow three-dimensional structure, and the free flow of air, water, formation of heat microcirculation air layer, its performance is superior to the ordinary mattresses, cotton, a great choice for home life.


1. Natural ventilation, people go back to sleep epoxy circulation

2. The moisture-heat, effective to prevent bacterial, fungal infections

3.100% polyester, nontoxic, more in line with the requirements of the times

4. The light texture, easy to wash disinfection, antistatic

5. ergonomic, effective protection of bones

6. softness, comfortable, wearable, durable

7. The unique support structure, according to people in different parts of the pressure to provide the appropriate resiliency, comprehensive support monofilament, is the way the body is completely state to sleep.

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