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3d uniforms made of translucent mesh fabric, many students refused to wear the school uniform

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3d uniforms made of translucent mesh fabric, many students refused to wear the school uniform

Release date:2015-12-22 00:00 source: Views:

3d mesh cloth for questioning and exclusion of students and parents, in terms of a definite representation, for wearing cool consideration, but transparency 3D mesh fabric is within the acceptable range of the high school uniforms. This argument, this interpretation, the author is not acceptable. After all, adults and children's psychological acceptance is not the same, their respective standards of dress are not the same.

If an adult put on a little bit transparent clothes, it may have little effect, after all, adults on the street wearing transparent clothing is everywhere, just as some car models walking down the catwalk wearing a clairvoyant outfit, they are adults, like exposed, we only They can say immoral, indecent. But as a student uniforms should be serious, especially of high school kids are in puberty stage, uniforms design must not affect the child's mind, especially girls, in all aspects of the body vary greatly, but also the reaction of the outside world more sensitive, too transparent uniforms will unconsciously affect the child psychology.

Yesterday, the reporter saw was a definite student talking points in uniforms, blue T-shirt T-shirt for boys and girls in pink T-shirt, pants are male and female students unified black blue trousers, made of 3d mesh fabric. Look at the clothes ingredients, coat the ingredients, indicate 55% cotton, 45% polyester, polyester pants component is 100%. After putting some dark color such as red, black, etc. underwear can clearly see, so that students embarrassed.

As education base, as a school, a definite can not just consider "cool", while ignoring the more important ability to accept students' mental and physiological changes, so will lose the greater. High school students are in the puberty stage, some things still muddle, if this time for them to accept the translucent costumes, give them physical and psychological impact, so they should not seek to pursue some of the things that affect them learning and growth.

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