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How to choose the right pillow baby

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How to choose the right pillow baby

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Polyester mesh cloth after the baby is born, most of the time in sleep, we adults sleep pillow to pillow, that newborn baby is not have pillow it? Some people say that the pillow, it was said not pillow.

First, the main function is to support the spine 3d pillow, which will help the baby's head blood circulation, the baby goes to sleep as soon as possible to assist and protect the baby's head, and promote growth and development. Suitable pillow also can help your baby's head shape beautiful type.

However, due to newborn babies spine is straight, has not yet formed physiological bending, so back and back of the head lying on the same plane at the time, back of the neck muscles are relaxed, it does not cause muscle tension or stiff neck. And newborn baby's head is large, almost equal with the shoulder, so that when the positional also very flat nature. So the newborn baby pillow is not required.

Jen Tip: If your baby has Yinai or spits phenomenon, you can use a folded towel pad in the upper body of the baby, and let the baby lying right, so to avoid milk baby will inhale lungs.

3d baby pillow when the pillow can do? The answer is three months of the baby began pillow pillow!

Most of the baby has been able to customize the look up in three months, cervical spine physiological appear bent forward. At this time lying down, there will be some cervical vacant, therefore, in order to maintain physiological bending, holding comfortable position, the baby three months old can begin pillow pillow.

So the question is, 3d pillow how high should it?

3d pillow height to 1-3 cm is appropriate, the width of the baby's head width, length and the baby will have to shoulder the same length.

3d pillow to choose baby to follow four principles:

1. Select the appropriate height. Baby pillow must not be more than 4 cm. Specific selection criteria mainly to see the baby's strength and vertebral body is in a straight line. Mother to gradually adjust the height of the pillow according to the baby's growth and development, to help the baby sleep more soundly.

2, the hardness is also very important. Texture perfect pillow, easy to make soft tissue neck traction damage, and stiff neck. Also, because the baby's skull is soft, fontanelle and cranial suture has not completely closed, the perfect pillow may make your baby sleep a flat first partial face, affecting appearance. And too soft pillows and not well support the spine, and is in contact with the baby scalp is too large, is not conducive to the blood circulation, poor ventilation, and even affect breathing. Accordingly, softness pillow must be moderate.

3, good filling material. Pillow material is selected within the pillow to guarantee a suitable hardness, and good performance, lightweight, breathable, moisture, etc. is very important. More suitable filler material: cotton, seeds, rushes, EPE and the like. Common buckwheat is a good filler.

4, pillowcases material to be breathable, easy to clean. Baby Metro metabolism, head sweating more, sweat and dandruff mixed, easy to make a number of pathogenic microorganisms and mites, dust and other allergens adhered to the pillowcase, which induce the baby suffering from bronchial asthma, or skin infections. The material should be selected so pillowcase breathable, easy to clean cotton cloth or silk and other production.

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