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3d warp mesh cloth market was moving off vitality

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3d warp mesh cloth market was moving off vitality

Release date:2015-12-22 00:00 source: Views:

3d 3d warp knitting mesh fabric mesh fabric is the rise in recent years, new fabrics, mesh shape many have round, diamond, spindle, etc., should be the city recently warp mesh cloth series of more than 100 different varieties in Shaoxing Textile City field shape mesh cloth, warp 3d warp mesh cloth from China Town << >> Haining Maqiao and Wujiang manufacturer, warp mesh fabric with good abrasion resistance and breathability, suitable for production of products in addition to decorations outside, is also widely used in clothing lining, product sales also grew day by day.

Class fabric with 50D polyester FDY filaments and DTY75D / 36F wire (strong net) as raw materials in the warp knitting machine weaving, knitting knit weave using chain structure, side of the fabric may be formed of various types of mesh shape, has also been scouring desizing, stereotypes, dyeing, soft finish, stenter and other deep-processing. Its fabric has a soft, flexible, taking good, charming style, other advantages to win the trust of consumers. Fabric 150cm-200cm in width between the high and low price due to the different materials, for example, the use of polyester FDY 50D 3d mesh cloth fiber as raw materials, the market price at between 23.00-23.00 yuan / kg; with DTY75D / 36F wire (strong net) as raw materials, mesh cloth slightly more astute grade, the market price of about 24.00 yuan / kg. According to reports, in addition to the cloth suitable for making ornaments, creel and other supplies, and 3d mesh fabrics are widely used in clothing lining, especially in the Sport also reflects the feeling of stretch freely, gradually replace some of the water plain Lining. Current market transaction situation, both small amount of cash to buy, there are sample quantities. Warp mesh linings are mainly sold in Yiwu, Changshu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Shaoxing and other places, and many foreign trade clothing factory also processed into this fabric and garment exports to European markets. Outlook is expected to be more gratifying sales potential.

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